Tag & Trace


The Prometech Tag & Trace system is a flexible system that uses NFC technology to track persons and objects for use in a wide-range of security related applications. Tag & Trace is specifically designed for use by the first responders community and emergency management personnel.

Supported use-cases:
pdf-iconTriage and decontamination tracking
pdf-iconEnvironmental sample tracking
pdf-iconCritical equipment tracking
pdf-iconLogistics support

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Tracking information is available in real time, at the headquarters, providing commanders with the strategic overview needed to improve decision making. The system can be used to track people, items or samples found in or near the incident area.


Reliable Communication

Tag & Trace does not require a permanent network uplink, but rather will synchronize whenever a connection is available. An API is also provided easy integration with existing systems.


Tag & Trace was developed as part of the PRACTICE European Union FP7 Project and the TOXI-Triage European Union Horizon 2020 Project. The system was first demonstrated, to very positive remarks, by the Polish National Fire Corps in their 2014 exercise in Pionki, Poland. There, the system was used to track decontamination and triage status of victims following chemical and radiological incidents, to follow biological samples from the field to the lab, and to review statistics for a large number of tagged people following a bus incident.

Featured use-case #1: Triage & Decon

In the field, specialists can use the system to tag victims and their items using off-the-shelf mobile devices and a wide range of different tags (e.g. necklaces, wristbands, stickers, etcetera).

The tag used at the incident area will be registered in a database, geo-coded, and will be visualized in a location-based system. Using the tag, persons can be followed throughout the entire decontamination and triage process from its start (in the hot zone) to its multiple possible endings (e.g., release from the hospital).

Possible end users of the system are first responders like firefighters and rescue services,
national and local authorities, and hospitals.

pdf-iconTriage and decontamination tracking


Featured use-case #2: Sample Tracking

Tag & Trace can be used as a smart tool to safeguard the chain-of-custody and keep track of CBRN samples in an emergency situation or for the purpose of forensic investigation. During a CBRN incident it is critical that field samples are properly tracked throughout the entire chain-of-custody.

Under no circumstances may the samples itself or results from its analysis get lost, forgotten, neglected or misplaced. Similarly, the last-known position, the person handling the sample and any laboratory results must be safely stored and be easily accessible to all authorized and relevant persons.

The Tag & Trace system developed within the TOXI-Triage project is an easy-to-use tracking system that uses NFC tags and an innovative smartphone app to help support this process from start to finish and according to OPCW and NATO sampling guidelines.

pdf-iconEnvironmental sample tracking