IF REACT (Improved First Responder Ensembles Against CBRN Terrorism) answers to the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) call SEC‐2011.4.4‐1 CBRN individual Protective Clothing where the task is “to develop innovative protective clothing for first responders and/or for the public in case of a CBRN crisis.” IF REACT takes both the danger of terrorist attacks using CBRN‐means and releases other than attack, such as pandemic outbreaks, accidents and other incidents involving dangerous substances, into account in order to achieve its main goal of developing innovative protective clothing for first responders. Following a qualitative and quantitative evaluation of existing equipment, IF REACT has chosen to focus on the most emergent threats and to fulfil the needs of the end users who are in greatest need of innovative protection.

The project has started on January 1st 2011, and lasted for 36 months. The objectives of the project are:

  1. Develop a tool that allows end users and procurement staff to select the best PPE system for
    the mission of the first responder and the expected threat.
  2. The protective system will provide added functionality regarding the C4I needs of the typical wearer. Typical First Responder tactical needs as communication, (indoor) localisation & situational awareness, will be enabled by affordable, robust and easy to use technology.
  3. The suit will be configured as a platform that carries the energy and the connections to the components of the sensor subsystem. The sensors itself will be housed in the suit as well as in the respirator, depending on their function.
  4. This platform will be interfaced with the external infrastructure to get extra capabilities/situation awareness
    without constraints and cost on the suit itself.

Prometech will develop a heads-up-display (HUD) that will be used to display information that will improve the first responders situational awareness.