The European Commission has awarded a consortium led by the Swedish CBRN Center, a Framework 7 Program Integration Project called PRACTICE. PRACTICE stands for Preparedness and Resilience against CBRN Terrorism using Integrated Concepts and Equipment.

PRACTICE aims to develop a complete toolbox containing tools and procedures to be used by first responders and authorities in charge to carry out a well integrated and coordinated response when opposed by any situation in case of a CBRN terrorist attack.

A distinct characteristic of the toolbox is the particular focus on functions – the tools and procedures – and dedicated training instead of the organizations using them. The idea behind this is to develop a more flexible toolbox which to a large extent is independent of differences in organizational structures, culture and regulations in different countries.

The new toolbox will also replace and integrate the set of more or less well functioning and autonomous toolboxes serving different organizations or actors which are called upon in case of a crisis. This will reduce the fragmented structure which hampers today’s response efficiency and flexibility. For more information regarding the project please visit the PRACTICE site

More information about the Tag & Trace can be found in the following product sheet.