The Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs and the City of The Hague, have awarded the REACT project as part of the Pieken in de Delta Program to a consortium that includes Prometech. REACT, which stands for Resilience Enhancement Against CBRNe Terrorism, aims to improve the resilience of the International Zone in The Hague against CBRN terrorism. The REACT consortium includes Virus Free Air, Prometech BV, World Forum Convention Center, Safety Region The Hague, and the Czech National Institute for Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Protection (SUJCHBO).

The project started in June 1st 2010, and lasted for 24 months. The budget for the project is 1.7 Million Euro. The objectives of the project are:

  1. The municipality The Hague, city of justice, peace and security, will have a more effective and innovative response capability in regards to CBRNe incidents, resulting in more overall safety and security.
  2. More specifically, the resilience of the International Zone (World Forum) against terrorist attacks and other calamities has been enhanced. For the World Forum Convention Centre a vulnerability assessment will have been conducted and measures will have been implemented.
  3. Also, the Fire Department Region Haaglanden will have access to three new products, which it can purchase at the end of the project, and which it will have been able to test for handling CBRNe incidents.
  4. The development of a regional Homeland Security industry with an international clientele and appeal will have been stimulated by strengthening regional innovative companies.
  5. The project is delivering all deliverables on time, within budget and according to the quality standards set.

Prometech has developed a software system that quickly and clearly maps out the danger area (hot zone) in case of a CBRNe attack or incident on a computer screen.